Life Changing Cords from a Jewish Prophet

LIFE-CHANGING WORDS FROM A JEWISH PROPHET By Lawrence Hirsch My older brother, Alan, was always a seeker after truth. He really upset the family, to say the least, when he came home from the army one weekend with a Bible and some religious literature in his bags. I was about fourteen years old, and I […]

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Who is the man of Sorrows

WHO IS THE MAN OF SORROWS? By Alan M. Shore As I entered young adulthood, I was like every other Jewish person I had ever known. As was the case with all of my Jewish peers, the name Jesus produced in me a complex set of emotions, dominated mainly by embarrassment. I was baffled by […]

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A Jewish Sailor reads Isaiah 53

A JEWISH SAILOR READS ISAIAH 53 By Israel Cohen Once I was in the Navy and away from my parents, I had the opportunity to do some new things—not all of them strictly kosher—and also to consider some ideas that I never could have thought about before: ideas like Yeshua being the Messiah. My father […]

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