When someone suggested to me that Yeshua was the promised Messiah of Israel, I thought: “You will never get me to believe that unless you demonstrate it to me from within the Jewish world. Show it to me from our own sacred writings, and then I’ll look at it more closely. Don’t quote the New Testament to me!”

My unspoken challenge was answered.

Is53One of the pivotal passages of the Hebrew Bible that revolutionized my thinking on the subject was the 53rd chapter of the Book of Isaiah. Believe me, it was not easy to believe that Jesus was the Messiah and the fulfilment of all we hoped for as Jews throughout the centuries! It was a struggle—especially because this ancient prophecy describes the Messiah in a way that I did not expect.

In this book, we will examine the historical trustworthiness of the Old and New Testaments, learn about the nature of prophecy and the concept of atonement and compare the life and character of Yeshua with the specific details found in Isaiah chapter 53. Come on this journey with me—all you need is an open mind and an open heart!